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The “E-DUB” Shipping Policy

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

So Heffys BBQ Co. turned 4 years old this weekend.  We have had a blast the last 4 years building a little BBQ sauce business into a little bit bigger BBQ sauce business, thanks to loyal fans.

Fans like Erik W. (aka E-Dub)

Erik has been with us since the beginning, he is a Heffys Fan, he gives us his opinion whether we want it or not.  We love him for it.

A few weeks ago he shot us a note about our outrageous shipping prices, he was like “I don’t have Heffys in my house because of how much it costs to ship it to me”.

We have learned a lot the last 4 years….one thing for sure is to listen close our fans.

We also know if would be more convenient for Erik and his fantastic wife Stacey to buy us at their local store which is why we invented the I LOVE HEFFYS program.  But still we wondered if we could do better with our shipping prices.  So we went to work, took a look at our current shipping policies & providers, and tightened down some screws where we could and after much sweat and plenty of empty beer cans we came up with the “E-Dub” shipping method.

So in honor of Erik and our 4th birthday, we are officially launching the “E-Dub” (our nickname for Erik W.) shipping policy.  It’s super simple….$4.95 flat rate shipping on up to 12 items.

Buy 2 bottles = $4.95 Shipping

Buy 12 bottles = $4.95 Shipping

Any combination of 12 items is one flat rate to ship!

Pretty sweet huh?!  We think so, but don’t thank us, thank Erik!

Wanna be as cool as him, drop us a line and talk to us.

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FREE Heffys for a YEAR?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

We have a sweet deal for our buds on Facebook. If you haven’t “liked us” you should.

Our brand spankin new “I Love Heffys” program is ready for action. If you don’t “like us” on Facebook yet you should (we know there should be a LOVE button for you to use. :) By the way….this program is just for our friends on Facebook for now.

So here is the deal:

• Download the I Love Heffys Card or shoot us your name and home address and we will send you 10 cards preprinted to hand out

• Do what it says….simply take to your favorite store that isn’t in the know about how AWESOME Heffys BBQ Sauces are

• If they order you get a year of free sauce (pretty sweet)

Now, go forth and spread the Heffys love…

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