March 29th, 2013

Heffys has some breaking news to share with everyone! Don’t worry, it’s all good news.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

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August 2012 BBQ Events

August 14th, 2012


To experience some of the best BBQ in the world, sometimes all you have to do is wait for the BBQ competitions to arrive at your back door! This is new for us, so we will like to start off by informing inflatable water slides for adults our local Kansas fans of the latest inflatable obstacle course BBQ events going on within the month of August (and every month). If you believe we should do this for your state, simply suggest it and we will!

August 17 – 18: Flint Hills Beef Fest BBQ (Competitors Series) | Emporia, KS

August 24 – 25:  East Central Inflatable Tent For Sale State BBQ Cook-Off | Paola, KS

August 24 – 25: Smokin’ on Oak | Bonner Springs, KS

August 24 – 25: When Pigs Fly BBQ & Fly In | McPherson, KS

If you plan on going to any of those events, if you take some photos and send them to us then we will post them on our next update of BBQ Events in September!


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Time For BBQ + Football!

August 6th, 2012

Coming off of a somewhat rocky 2011-2012 season with the New Orleans inflatable water slides for sale Saints “Bounty Fund” stirring up debates across the NFL world, we wonder how different/stricter (if noticeable) will the NFL be this year.


The National Football League began its 2012-2013 Football Inflatable Water Park For Sale Season on yesterday with the first preseason game between a highly favored early favorite Arizona Cardinals versus the 2010 Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints.


This summer has posed it’s on problem with the record heat weather creating difficult situations for people to genuinely enjoy Barbecuing outside. However, as the Fall season approaches the weather will begin to sit at comfortable double digit numbers.


We want to know how do you celebrate the NFL season through Barbecuing. Do you tailgate at the football games? Host parties at your home with family and friends? Share with us your point of view and if you have photos, we will begin posting your photos every Sunday as a weekly feature for everyone to view.


Maybe there will be a prize for the best photos taken including Heffys products! Who knows, participation is the key to unlocking what could be a great football season with Heffys!

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Inside Grilling Tips!

August 1st, 2012

Inside Grilling Tips (Heffys Blog Post) *Photos are coming today 8/1/2012


Most of the united states have felt the record heat blazes this inflatable slide summer which could be affecting the amount of time people spend outside grilling. Do not let that stop you from grilling! Hopefully the weather cools down before the 2012-2013 Football season starts!


We would like to throw two pieces of charcoal at once Inflatable Park For Sale and give share with you tips for grilling inside for the remainder of this summer going into the fall and winter.


1. Use an electric grill.

The 2nd most important investment in this blog post is your electric grill. It here are a variety of grills you can buy and here are the top 3 that we suggest.

Electric Sanyo Grill: I (Kenon Thompson) have this electric grill (pictured above) for 2 years and I think it is amazing! As a recent college graduate, with a 13×10 size, this can easily be used in any dorm room, apartment kitchen or bigger home style kitchens (can use multiple of these grills if needed).

Calphalon Grill: While this one is a little more expensive than the grill above, the product is worth the price! With a removable plate, enjoying perfectly grilled food on this is as easy as it gets for inside grilling!

Oh and my birthday is coming up pretty soon so if anyone would like to purchase this for me I will forever thank you haha! Okay back to the tips. :)


2. Choose a safe spot in your kitchen.

Next to the sinks is not the best place to put your electric grill. If you have a kitchen island it is best to make that space your grilling station.


3. Your BBQ sauce is the second most important ingredient you have!

It is true! You can still use the same spices that you use with inside grills, however, if your electric grill does not support having a smoker box (a tool box that holds wood chips) then how will you get that “smoky” taste?

Want an example?


Our sweet mesquite sauce is it! Maybe instead of basting your proteins/vegetables in our sauce, you marinate them in the sweet mesquite sauce to bring out the flavor and aroma of smoked wood cooking.


And the last tip…


4. Love your grill(s) and have fun!
The number one investment is love. Love your grill, treat it well and you two will be together for a very long time! The number one ingredient is having fun! There is always a time and place to have fun, which is in the kitchen!

Nothing changes the grilling experience you can have by moving your grill inside. Continue cooking the same food as you have before!


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Introducing Our New Intern…

July 5th, 2012

We are proud to introduce our first intern Kenon Thompson. Just a brief background of how this collaboration began, Kenon is an alumni of the Youth Entrepreneurs (2008) and as an alumnus hey is given the opportunity at the age of 21 to participate in partnerships/internships throughout the summer.  As a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University (Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and a jumping castles for sale Bachelors Degree in Food Service Management) Kenon is obviously interested in anything that has to do with food, he is also an all around journalist, photographer and an entrepreneur (currently owns Kenon Thompson Food Journalism | Photography).


“I believe that I am becoming Australian Inflatables For Sale a polymath of everything artist/people related.” states Kenon.  We’re not quite sure what a polymath is but hey it sounded impressive.


After lots of great discussion and an interview between Mike and Kenon, it was clear that he would be a great fit as our first intern as he began throwing out ideas right off of the bat. We are proud to introduce you all to Kenon as he takes over the rest of this blog post.


Hello everyone, as you know my name is Kenon. My official position title (everything sounds good when it is official right?) is the Communications Intern for Fervor/Heffys. My duties in this position includes maintaining and operating the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and the blog) for Heffys BBQ Co. I consider myself to b a professional thinker, meaning that I am always thinking and creating something in my mind (even when people don’t notice). I am a huge music fan and I believe that’s music is an unofficial married couple so if you know of any good music of any genre, let me know of your recommendations.


I am excited for this new journey and  I can’t wait to create some amazing ideas for Heffys BBQ Co.!


If you would like to follow me on any other social network besides here, please feel free to subscribe to my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and on my personal website.




Twitter: @KenonThompson

Personal Website:



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Heffys Wins another 1st Place Scovie Award!

November 10th, 2011

Heffys BBQ Co. WINS 1st Place for All-Natural Hot and 2nd Place for Product Packaging AT WORLD’S MOST COMPETITIVE FIERY FOODS CONTEST!

The 2012 Scovie Awards judging panel of top culinary experts honored Heffys BBQ Co. with our second 1st place award in the last 3 years.  Well put it right next to the other 1st Place Award in the All-Natural Hot award from 2009.

The competition was particularly fierce for the 2012 awards, with product entries up 177 over 2011. In all, 161 companies entered 792 products for a chance at Scovie glory. Dave DeWitt, founder of the Scovie Awards and National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show said entries came from 38 states and four countries including Australia, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

DeWitt, the “Pope of Peppers,” was pleased with the variety and quality of the entries. “It’s thrilling to see more entries than ever in our sixteenth year of the Scovie Awards. I’m always impressed by the creative new ideas and delicious ways people showcase fiery foods,” DeWitt said.

Guests can sample and buy Scovie Award-winning products at the upcoming 2012 National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show (March 2-4, 2012) at Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vendors from across the country will be in attendance. For more information please, there is a good chance you might just see the boys from Heffys there too.

The Scovie Awards is an annual competition created by Dave DeWitt that recognizes the top fiery foods products in the world. The awards were named after the Scoville scale, a measurement of the spicy heat of a chile pepper. It is one of the most competitive blind tasted food competitions. Hundred of products are entered and go through rigorous tastings to receive the top honors. The Scovie Awards take place annually in the month of October. For more information, visit

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Heffys Meatloaf

August 11th, 2011

Heffys Meatloaf (by The Hef)

Admit it, you’ve had meat loaf at some point in your life.  Ok maybe you didn’t immediately fall in love this American staple but like any red blooded American you liked it.  Here’s a way to re-discover mom’s favorite go-to recipe…with a twist that just might get this back on your regular rotation.


  • 1 ½ lbs. of 93% lean ground beef
  • ¼ tsp of basil
  • 1 Tbls Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 3 slices of bread (toasted and cut up into ¼ inch squares)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 Tbls butter
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tbls brown sugar
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • ½ cup HEFFYS All Natural Original


In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients except the Heffys and mix well with your hands (we use gloves but hey thats the kind of guys we are); ensuring that all of the spices are mixed thoroughly.

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees and spray a loaf pan with cooking spray.  Form the hamburger mixture into the pan and top with the ½ cup of Heffys All-Natural Original.  Bake for 90 minutes, ensure that it is done by using a meat thermometer; should read 160 to 180.  For a less spicy version; exclude the cayenne pepper and chili powder.

Enjoy with the family or some friends.

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Heffys Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

May 31st, 2011

HEFFYS Bacon wrapped BBQ Shrimp (by The Hef)

Summer time is the best time of the year in my opinion.  There are so many events going on and with that comes some of the best food of the season.  We just went camping this weekend and we were all exchanging foods with our friends.  I decided to try a recipe that was something new for me and it turned out great!  Just follow the steps below and get ready for a great BBQ meal!


1-½ cups HEFFYS All Natural Sweet Mesquite BBQ sauce.
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 pound peeled and deveined shrimp
½ pound pepper bacon (or preferred bacon)


Cut slices of bacon in half. Cook bacon half way (should not be crisp). Combine Heffys Sweet Mesquite BBQ  Sauce, lemon juice and garlic powder (pour half of mixture into separate bowl for use later). Dip shrimp into half of sauce to thoroughly coat.

Wrap each piece of shrimp with ½ piece of bacon. Place on skewer (leave small space between pieces). Place on greased hot grill, basting with remaining sauce mixture. Grill for approximately 4 to 6 minutes (depending on size of shrimp).

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Heffys Launches All Natural & Gluten Free Sauce

May 31st, 2011

That’s right Heffys BBQ Co. has launched our All-Natural & Gluten Free line of BBQ Sauces.

Over 2 years ago we began looking at all-natural vs. organic vs. gluten free and everything else that was taking shape in the specialty food market.  Honestly what our customers wanted the most was All-Natural and Gluten Free so that’s what we made…it only took us a year to get it up to our crazy standards.

People have asked us…Why did you switch?  The short answer is we want to make a product that sacrifices nothing, is made with the best ingredients and gives back in some real ways.  So it took some time.

Take a look at our ingredient list for our new All-Natural Original….go ahead we want you to.  There’s more where that came from.

Many of our Heffys Select Retailers are in the process of selling off older inventory to make room for the new sauce.

If you are a retailer and want to carry Heffys in your store or need to re-order head over to our RETAILER RESOURCES section.  Or if you want to snag some sauce for the house, we invite you to BUY NOW “Oh-Natural” style.

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Heffys Social Intern Opportunity

May 2nd, 2011

Are you a social wannabe and a foodie? Love BBQ and having a good time?

The Heffys Social Internship could be for you!

We WantSocial Media & Communications Intern

Why: Because we need someone to work under the supervision of our CEO on various projects related to implementing and managing Heffys BBQ Co. Social & Communications Strategy.

Here are some deets:

-Assists with managing our Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Accounts

-Help create an overall strategy for how Heffys relates in social circles

-Researches new uses and aids in recruitment efforts to gain members

-Aid in “viral events” creation

-Creates an appropriate schedule for partners to follow and maintain

Sound Interesting?

Read more about it and apply HERE >>

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