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At Heffys, we truly believe in partnerships.  We are pleased that you have decided to join us and have some fun selling some of the best BBQ sauces we know how to make.

To get started building a partnership with us, fill out the Select Retailer Information Sheet below and that’ll get the ball rolling.  If you received one of our “I Love Heffys” cards from one of your soon to be lucky customers, this is the form to get that process started as well.

Heffys Select Retailer Information Sheet

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Heffys Select Retailer Order Form

“The Absence of Heffys Could be the Last Straw!”

A real story from Bruce D., a Heffys customer, hit our website a few weeks ago.  It was simple; the store he frequently shops was out of his favorite Heffys BBQ Co. sauce and didn’t seem concerned enough. Bruce commented to the store manager “Heffys Original BBQ Sauce is the best glaze on a rib-eye I’ve ever tried!” With awards galore, made in Kansas City (what many say is the heart of the BBQ universe) all wrapped in a unique flavor that is made to enhance, not cover anything that Bruce and others put it on.  It’s no surprise to us that Bruce is so passionate about Heffys.

We stocked them up the very next day, the manager and owner were happy to hear that they were selling more BBQ sauce than ever in the middle of winter.  In addition, their customers were so hooked on the products they chose to carry; they were willing to stop shopping there if they didn’t get it back in.  Good thing they carry Heffys!

Our thanks to Bruce D. and all the other passionately loyal Heffys BBQ Co. fans.

Want more customers like Bruce in your store? Shoot a note directly to our CEO, Mike Farag to mike.farag(at)heffys.com, we would love for you to be one of the select retailers carrying Heffys Premium BBQ Sauces.