FREE Heffys for a YEAR?

This post was written by Mike Farag on August 5, 2010

We have a sweet deal for our buds on Facebook. If you haven’t “liked us” you should.

Our brand spankin new “I Love Heffys” program is ready for action. If you don’t “like us” on Facebook yet you should (we know there should be a LOVE button for you to use. :) By the way….this program is just for our friends on Facebook for now.

So here is the deal:

• Download the I Love Heffys Card or shoot us your name and home address and we will send you 10 cards preprinted to hand out

• Do what it says….simply take to your favorite store that isn’t in the know about how AWESOME Heffys BBQ Sauces are

• If they order you get a year of free sauce (pretty sweet)

Now, go forth and spread the Heffys love…

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