Time For BBQ + Football!

This post was written by Kenon Thompson on August 6, 2012

Coming off of a somewhat rocky 2011-2012 season with the New Orleans inflatable water slides for sale Saints “Bounty Fund” stirring up debates across the NFL world, we wonder how different/stricter (if noticeable) will the NFL be this year.


The National Football League began its 2012-2013 Football Inflatable Water Park For Sale Season on yesterday with the first preseason game between a highly favored early favorite Arizona Cardinals versus the 2010 Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints.


This summer has posed it’s on problem with the record heat weather creating difficult situations for people to genuinely enjoy Barbecuing outside. However, as the Fall season approaches the weather will begin to sit at comfortable double digit numbers.


We want to know how do you celebrate the NFL season through Barbecuing. Do you tailgate at the football games? Host parties at your home with family and friends? Share with us your point of view and if you have photos, we will begin posting your photos every Sunday as a weekly feature for everyone to view.


Maybe there will be a prize for the best photos taken including Heffys products! Who knows, participation is the key to unlocking what could be a great football season with Heffys!

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