Inside Grilling Tips!

This post was written by Kenon Thompson on August 1, 2012

Inside Grilling Tips (Heffys Blog Post) *Photos are coming today 8/1/2012


Most of the united states have felt the record heat blazes this inflatable slide summer which could be affecting the amount of time people spend outside grilling. Do not let that stop you from grilling! Hopefully the weather cools down before the 2012-2013 Football season starts!


We would like to throw two pieces of charcoal at once Inflatable Park For Sale and give share with you tips for grilling inside for the remainder of this summer going into the fall and winter.


1. Use an electric grill.

The 2nd most important investment in this blog post is your electric grill. It here are a variety of grills you can buy and here are the top 3 that we suggest.

Electric Sanyo Grill: I (Kenon Thompson) have this electric grill (pictured above) for 2 years and I think it is amazing! As a recent college graduate, with a 13×10 size, this can easily be used in any dorm room, apartment kitchen or bigger home style kitchens (can use multiple of these grills if needed).

Calphalon Grill: While this one is a little more expensive than the grill above, the product is worth the price! With a removable plate, enjoying perfectly grilled food on this is as easy as it gets for inside grilling!

Oh and my birthday is coming up pretty soon so if anyone would like to purchase this for me I will forever thank you haha! Okay back to the tips. :)


2. Choose a safe spot in your kitchen.

Next to the sinks is not the best place to put your electric grill. If you have a kitchen island it is best to make that space your grilling station.


3. Your BBQ sauce is the second most important ingredient you have!

It is true! You can still use the same spices that you use with inside grills, however, if your electric grill does not support having a smoker box (a tool box that holds wood chips) then how will you get that “smoky” taste?

Want an example?


Our sweet mesquite sauce is it! Maybe instead of basting your proteins/vegetables in our sauce, you marinate them in the sweet mesquite sauce to bring out the flavor and aroma of smoked wood cooking.


And the last tip…


4. Love your grill(s) and have fun!
The number one investment is love. Love your grill, treat it well and you two will be together for a very long time! The number one ingredient is having fun! There is always a time and place to have fun, which is in the kitchen!

Nothing changes the grilling experience you can have by moving your grill inside. Continue cooking the same food as you have before!


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