Branden Albert endorses Heffys BBQ Co.

This post was written by Mike Farag on October 9, 2009

Big guys know BBQ, and Branden Albert is a BIG guy!  So its only natural for Branden to endorse Heffys BBQ sauces, because as he puts it, “everything is better with Heffys”!

At 6 foot 7 inches and 315 pounds this First Round Draft pick (2008) is not easy to miss. He didn’t miss much of the pulled pork or brisket that was put in front of him either when we first met, all covered with Heffys Sweet Mesquite.

When we asked Branden about his love of BBQ he had a few things to say; …”my brother and I LOVE BBQ!  Pulled pork, brisket, chicken, you name it, we like to eat it, and a good sauce is key to good BBQ, that’s why I eat Heffys”

Its no surprise to us that Branden loves Heffys, lots of people do, not just professional football players.  But we’re sure that all his work on the football field every week does build up quite the appetite.

Branden Albert promoting Heffys at Sante Fe Auto in Kansas City

Branden Albert promoting Heffys at Sante Fe Auto in Kansas City

Look for a new video series that Branden helped us out with coming soon called “Better with Heffys”

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